Whales and Dolphins Watching tours

Humpback whales are seen in two well defined seasons from December to March from the northern hemisphere, while those from the southern hemisphere start to be seen in the first weeks of July to late October. The most commonly observed whales are the humpbacks. They are known for their long migrations north side and south side. Occasionally, you can see bryde’s whales and pilot whales. Dolphins are seen throughout the year. The most commonly seen dolphins on the Pacific coast are the bottlenose dolphins, commonly known as dolphins and spotted dolphins. The chances to observe whales are quite high, but not guaranteed every day because we are not sure of the exact place where they are.

The tour goes through the Marino Ballena National Park, Isla Ballena (Whale Island), Las Rocas Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters Rocks), Cavernas Ventanas (Windows Caves), and the Tómbolo of Punta Uvita. We visit a seabird sanctuary, Whale Island, since we can see resident and migratory birds as well as reptiles like green iguanas and lizards. 

You can do recreational diving on coral reefs in these wild areas and enjoy the great quantity of marine species such as reef fish, mollusks, crustaceans, rays, starfish, and more. Good snorkeling waters depends on how clear the water is. 


This tour lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours.

start time is 8:30 am.

it can be booked with a minimum of  2  adult persons

We included: (water, fruit, snorkeling equipment, entrance fees to National Park Marino Ballena and life jackets).


Dolphin Tours Dolphin Tours


Rack adult price $80
Rack children price $50 (4 to 9 years old)




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