Caño Island Biological Reserve

The island has archaeological value as it was used as a permanent cemetery and pre-Columbian settlements. You can still see some remains of pottery and small stone spheres made by the Indians.

 The island has two paths, one going to the small Indian cemetery and another that crosses the entire island. It is rich in vegetation and it serves as a rest for migratory and residencial birds. 

The richness this island has to offer is located under the crystal blue waters. The rich biodiversity of fish and coral reefs make this island absolute paradise. 

The coral reefs surrounding the island grow to a depth of 15 meters hosting a number of small and large species that give life to this beautiful, natural, and scenic island. You can see mackerel shoals which commnly surround the island, as well as small reef sharks, and even manta rays. 
This is one of the favorite places of Costa Rica for scuba diving and deep diving since there have been sites identified as suitable for such activity.

 There are chances to observe whales and dolphins during the travel made from Punta Uvita to Caño Island. This tour lasts approximately 8 hours, start time is 7:30 am, food is included, as is entrance to the park, and snorkeling equipment.

 To do this tour, a minimum of 6 adults is required. 

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Adult rack price $ 140
Rack children (4 to 9 years) price $ 100

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