We are a company with over 20 years of experience in the field of responsible sea tourism. Our boats have up-to-date liability policies, equipment and safety devices in good condition, experienced and trained in the marine area. 

It is very important for us to offer our customers a safe adventure journey in which you will also be able to take advantage and make the most of all the marine resources we have in our area, in a responsible and balanced way, appreciating their natural environment, but always looking for ways to intervene as little as possible in their habitat, abiding by the rules established about sightings of whales and other marine life systems. 

Marine ecosystems are very fragile and therefore require more attention from us. Whales are an example of these cases. They are very mobile animals as well as a migratory species with low reproductive rates. Currently all species are threatened or endangered. 

We are working with the Keto Foundation to achieve a sustainability eco-seal on good practices of marine resources. The MarViva Foundation supports us with business management. We belong to the Operating Tours of The Marino Ballena National Park Association, which is a group of enterprises which are dedicated to responsible sea tourism, and they are committed to good management of natural resources and the touristic and environmental sustainability developme.

The ICT has certified us a first nevel in sustainable marine tourism

Our exclusivity is whale watching, but we also offer other tours such as:
Cano Island Biological Reserve.
Corcovado National Park.
Sport fishing near and offshore. 

Why decide to do a tour in Costa Rica? 
Costa Rica is more a country of nature than culture. 23% of the country is made up of protected areas. Our country contains 5% of all species in the world, including 850 species of birds, 3000 species of butterflies, 200 species of mammals, 103 species of bats, 350 reptiles and amphibians and countless variety of flora. All these are good reasons to think of Costa Rica as your vacation destination.