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Avistamiento de Ballenas en Costa Rica en el año 2018, ha sido uno de los mejores para el avistamiento de las madres con cría en el Parque Nacional Marino Ballena se ha logrado los mejores saltos tanto de la madre como de su propia criatura Consíguelo en la excursión en nuestro tour combinado - avistamiento de ballenas, en cual se hace un recorrido por el Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, Isla…


Humpback Whale Season in Costa Rica

Whale Season in Costa Rica - Uvita  Marino Ballena National Park  Humpback whales are observed in two seasons of December at the end of March, coming from the northern hemisphere and those coming from the southern hemisphere, they begin to be seen in the first weeks of July until the end of October, the most common ones to observe are the humpbacks or (yubartas). Known for their long migrations from…


Caño Island Tour from Uvita.

Whitefin reef shark snorkeling in Caño Island, a unique experience.   Caño Island Tour from Uvita. One of the best places for snorkeling in the country and it is approximately an hour and a half by boat from Uvita beach, once you arrive on the island you will snorkel in two different places, during which you can observe sharks and many marine species