Whale Season in Costa Rica

Whale Season in Costa Rica – Uvita 

Marino Ballena National Park 

Humpback whales are observed in two seasons of December at the end of March, coming from the northern hemisphere and those coming from the southern hemisphere, they begin to be seen in the first weeks of July until the end of October, the most common ones to observe are the humpbacks or (yubartas). Known for their long migrations from the north and south sides. Occasionally you can see bryde’s whales and pilot whales. Dolphins are observed throughout the year at 95%, the most common to see on the Pacific coast are bottlenose dolphins commonly known as bufeos and spotted dolphins. The possibilities of observing cetaceans in quite high, but not guaranteed every day since we are not sure of the exact place where they are.


Whale and Dolphin Observation in the Marino  Ballena National Park During the tour there is a tour of the Marino  Ballena National Marine Park, Whale Island, Three Sisters Rocks, Cavernas Ventanas and the Punta Uvita Tombolo, we visited a natural sanctuary of seabirds as it is Whale Island as we can see resident or migratory birds and some reptiles such as green iguanas and lizards. You can snorkel in the coral reefs of these wilderness areas and appreciate a large number of marine species such as reef fish, crustacean molluscs, Stripes, starfish, snorkeling depends on weather conditions.