Whales and Dolphins

The humpback whales

The whale watching season in Costa Rica, particularly in the Uvita area and the Marino Ballena National Park, varies depending on the species of whale. In this region, humpback whales are the most common and often visit these waters during their annual migration.

The prime season for spotting humpback whales off Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, including the Uvita area and Marino Ballena National Park, generally runs from mid-July to late October, with August and September being the months when the chances are high. sighting rates are usually higher. During this period, humpback whales migrate from the southern hemisphere to the warm waters of Costa Rica to reproduce and give birth.

However, whales can also be seen occasionally during other times of the year, especially during the months of December to April, although less frequently.

If you are interested in witnessing the humpback whale show in Uvita and the Marino Ballena National Park, I would recommend planning your visit during the months of July to October to increase your chances of sightings.